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Seats are limited to 6 people for class.

We have found that smaller class sizes help to promote a more personalized experience and better learning environment for our students.

No, classes are open to all levels of experience.

To begin practicing in your area, you will need to check with your local health department and inquire about the licensing needed to perform permanent makeup.

New Brow Academy awards a Certificate of Attendance upon completion of this course.

You will need to contact your local health department for licensing in your area. Every area has different requirements for artists to practice Microblading. It is up to the attendee to ensure licensing and permitting compliance according to their local jurisdiction. New Brow Academy does not take any responsibility for the attendee and business conducted during or outside the seminar.

Yes, but not to us!

To practice Microblading you’ll have to complete the Blood Borne Pathogens Worksite Safety Course online.  Check out for more information.

Yes, we teach one-on-one and private group courses.

Assuming that there aren’t scheduling conflicts and our instructors are available we can accommodate most private requests.

Email: Private Course Inquiries


Microblading is a technique for a natural, hair stroke eyebrow tattoo, completed with a manual pen, not a tattoo machine. The pen is called a Microblade.

Yes! Our comprehensive training course covers the full Microblading technique in 3 days!

However, you will need to practice on your own before you can begin working. We’ll give you tips for practicing on synthetic skin so you can build your confidence until you feel you’re ready.

Yes! You will have ongoing continued support after you complete our course.

We provide our graduates with the information to contact us by phone, email and text with their questions.

Room(s) are procured from a local hotel based on turnout and model availability.

Full details are provided to registered students prior to the course date.

Courses are taught by Certified Instructors over the course of three days.

On day two, your instructor will provide a live demonstration on how to perform 3-D Microblading.